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Eames Furniture

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A bit of history about Charles and Ray Eames Furniture:
Charles and Ray Eames is a married couple who are the leading trend setters of modern furniture

and luxury interior design in the 1940s and ’50s.  They created one the most creative and
brilliant designs of the 20th century. Their chairs, tables, storage cabinets, and other furniture items were fabricated from wood, fiberglass, plastic,and metal mesh. Eames designs have been widely imitated, but unique Eames
pieces are highly required by collectors.

In 1943, they established the Eames Office at 901 Washington Boulevard in Venice, an address from where they kept on working till 1988 . There they explored that the plywood can be moulded and by 1945, the couple had figured out how to create compound curves in the material which was a great discovery and helped them in theor future designing. One of their master piece was a birch child’s chair and stool manufactured by the Molded Plywood Division of Evans Products. Continue reading

Eames Lounge Chair

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Lounge-Chair-EamesHere is the brief story of Eames Lounge Chair from the designer’s  view, when Eames began developed the Eames lounge chair, there was nothing else like it. This is among the most smart and creative of the Eames work. the luxury and sophistication is the main parcels along with the design.  They say ” The 6-inch-thick, leather-covered foam cushions are individually upholstered. The veneers are seven-ply. The permanent tilt of the seat takes weight off your lower spine, so you feel comfortable. And while both pieces are 29 percent recyclable, it’s more likely that you’ll pass these heirloom pieces on to a new generation.” Continue reading

Eames Lounge Chair – Design & Style

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The chair is composed of three curved plywood shells. In modern production the shells are made up of seven thin layers of wood veneer glued together and shaped under heat and pressure. This differentiates the newer chairs from the “original” (vintage) chairs which used Brazilian rosewood veneers and were constructed of five layers of plywood. Also differentiating the very earliest sets from newer sets were rubber spacers between the aluminum spines and the wood panels first used in the earliest production models and then hard plastic washers used in later versions. In the earlier sets, the zipper around the cushions may have been brown or black as well, and in newer sets the zippers are black. The shells and the seat cushions are essentially the same shape: composed of two curved forms interlocking to form a solid mass. The chair back and headrest are identical in proportion, as are the seat and the Ottoman.

Eames Lounge Chair

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Charles and Ray Eames Association of Lounge Eames Chairs and Furniture

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This website is dedicated to Charles Ormond Eames (1907-1978) and his wife Ray Eames (1912-1988), known as Charles and Ray Eames for their contributions to industrial design work,graphic design and furniture.

Charles Eames and Ray Eames are very well known for their marvellous work on Modern Furniture Please visit us again! Complete website will be live soon…

Address (UK office): Charles Eames Association, 80 Woodland Rise, Muswell Hill, London, Post Code: N10 3UJ, United Kingdom

Address (Germany office): Charles Eames Association, Morikestr 4/1, D-71155, Altdorf, Germany